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Silverado Stud Poker game allows players to play a fast-paced, interactive poker game online, and at the same time enjoy the involvement and essence of live poker. As the Silverado Stud casino game manufacturer, we will bring this great game to your casino!

Silverado Stud Poker Game


Tip #1 - If you are dealt two small pair, take the 'Two Pair Dealt payout on the 5-Card Hand.'

Tip #2 - If you are dealt a 3-H, 9-S, J-D, K-C, always keep the high cards in your 5-Card Hand. This way you have a better chance of obtaining a Pair of Jacks or Better. '


"This game was truly developed with the game player in mind. We looked at all the games out there and asked ourselves, 'What were they missing?'. We feel that we came up with a game that now optimizes player satisfaction. Silverado StudĀ® Poker is simple enough for anyone to understand. Even those who do not understand poker pick it up quickly. This variation of poker is a fun and intense game for all levels of game players. 

Players love the involvement they have with the Game; its interaction level is much like that of blackjack or a live poker game. They are in control of their own hands, which determines their winning possibilities. Players have the ability to create two separate hands and the option to place an additional bet, which optimizes their winnings.


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